Effective Communication

Keeping customers in the loop.  

Planning & Support

We spend time with customers for pre-construction planning.  Comprehensive supports on design & material selections are part of our effort to making the project enjoyable.

Time is Money

Completing projects on time without compromising quality is one of our highest priority.

Welcome to UNhique Construction

UNhique Construction is devoting its expertise in construction and love of producing fine projects to its clients.  All aspects of its clients' projects get full attention from its owner.  All work are performed in-house.  This directly benefits its clients with:

  • Better communication: problems/issues would be solved from the sources, fast
  • Better price without compromising quality
  • Turn around time is much better with in-house work with experienced crew members.


Better Communication

  • All specs and requirement are communicated before project started.
  • Change order/additional works are two ways, and by written approval.
  • No surprises or hidden agenda

Better Price | Better Quality

  • What you get is most of the time better than what you pay with UNhique Construction.
  • We get the cost of construction to a science: Clear break down items with reasonable rate. 
  • We take pride in our work: attention to details and quality is always at top priority

Better Turnaround Time

  • Once started on your project, we stay at it with focus and dedication
  • Processes and procedures are in place to make sure things go as planned smoothly
  • We help clients in early planning, which in turn avoids mid-project change of mind/hiccups

Contact Us

Contact us for your next projects


Docs Download

Some of the spreadsheets which might help you organize your projects better.

Feel free to download and play around with these forms (coming soon) ==> use @ your own risks :)

Free download

Custom Homes

UNhique Construction has been building custom homes for years.  Find out more about the process and get started with us.

Backyard Sports

Outdoor living is our obsession.  Building backyard courts, whether it's a basketball or tennis court, can be a very rewarding project that will pull your friends & family together.

Outdoor Kitchen

Why 2 kitchens in a house?  Because it's great to be out with your friends and family.  With our expertise, building a luxury outdoor kitchen wouldn't break your bank but would add so much value to your lifestyles. 

S & K

Nhi & his team is great on helping us during the process of adding the main house behind our existing house (on the same lot).  He helped order the main gate, which is .

S & K

Bob & Nazanin

UNhique Construction, has made a 1500 sf addition and has remodeled the entire house for us.  They have installed two new bathrooms and remodeled two other, hardwood floor throughout the house, new kitchen and many more. Their work is second to none.  They show up on time, work to complete the job, and work within budget.  Their finish work is amazing.  Most of all it is a pleasure to work with the owner Nhi.  He is a very honest man, and always prices the work fairly.

B & N

Brian G

Nhi Nguyen and his team and I have done several projects together. My experience and the resulting homes have been terrific. Nhi is a clear communicator not only during the proposal phase but definitely during the construction phase. He does what he says he is going to do. When the inevitable problems or challenges come up his calm demeanor is a real asset. I can't wait to find a another project to do with him.


Upcoming Events

Events we hold frequently

Attend our events to find out more about our processes, work ethics, our crews, workmanship, etc... before committing to working with us.  We hold educational sessions from time to time to help you learn various aspects of the construction of your house as well.

All Events ⟶

Custom Build Site Visit

San Jose, CA

This is a tear down and spec build.  It's roughly about 2900 sqft in Evergreen Area, San Jose.  All rough is done.  Windows & doors, sheetrock, stucco, and roof are next!

Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM | Date: TBD (inquire for detail)

Man Cave Addition

Within San Mateo County, CA

Man cave addition is not for everyone for the budget and space requirement.  But it is well worth the trouble and money spent if you can afford it and have enough room.  Come check out our in-progress construction: Audio and video equipment are in the process.

Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM | Date: TBD (inquire for detail)

Backyard Basketball Court

San Jose, CA

Outdoor living such as backyard basketball court is always a very welcoming feature for kids, friends & family alike.  We're pouring concrete slab as a sub base.  Flex Court's outdoor sport tiles will be used with a built-in adjustable basketball hoop.  All prep work is done, waiting for better weather so we can pour the concrete.

Time: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM | Date: TBD (inquire for detail)

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